Online Homes Green Collection:

Are Resource and energy efficient.

Waste less, recycle more.

Reduce waste in building process.

Create more sustainable living for you and your community.

Use rain water tanks to supplement water supply.

Use solar panels to offset electricity use.

Fittings and materials all have an 8 star energy rating, designed to use energy efficiently and recycle waste.

Experience sustainable living solutions.

How is the Green Collection environmentally sustainable?

  • Heat Smart

    Warm in winter, cool in summer.

    Using natural floor materials which maintain maximum heat in winter and deflect heat  in summer, your home retains optimum temperature in each season. This occurs by using high thermal mass building materials that absorb and retain heat. This reduces power usage.

  • Location Smart

    Get the full benefits of natural light and shade.

    The position of your home is crucial for getting the most out of natural light. Natural light not only creates the right ambience in your home, it reduces the need to use electric lights so often. It generates heat in your home through the floors and ceiling. The right shade is also important for the hotter months, where aspects of your home are protected from the harsh elements and you will remain cool when it’s boiling outside.

  • Ventilation Smart

    Breeze on through.

    Cross ventilation design is the simplest and most effective way to keep your home fresh and ventilated throughout each season.


  • Insulation Smart

    From floor to ceiling, the heat can’t escape!

    The right floors maintain the heat from the bottom up, and quality ceiling insulation keeps it from escaping. It’s amazing how many modern homes miss this important point. Whichever heating option you choose, our heating options are all designed for maximum efficiency, combined with a home design that retains and keep the heat IN.


  • Roof Smart

    The proof is in your roof!

    A good roof keeps your home cool in summer, lasts through stormy winters and keeps you covered! We have solar panel options that you can discuss with us when you are planning a Green collection home.