Take control of your superannuation.

Create your own self-managed superfund and watch it grow.

Investing in & borrowing to purchase residential property through superannuation is now an option. More and more Australians are creating their own SMSF and find property is a great opportunity to get solid results.

Advantages of your own self managed super fund.

  • You choose your investment strategy.
  • The Return on Investment is based on your decisions.
  • No hidden charges or paying for services that you don’t need, use or understand.
  • You control your own destiny!

How do you know if your current superannuation is really working?

  • Do you know how your Superannuation is currently invested?
  • Are you happy with the performance, service and fees your fund provides?
  • Are you young enough to recover from another share market down-turn?
  • Are you happy to take lower returns in the safety of cash?

If  you are seeking a solid asset, property investment could be the key to building your retirement nest egg so you can retire sooner!

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We help you to choose your investment location and design carefully to help maximise your rental & capital growth potential. At Online Homes we have a strong interest in helping investors with Self Managed Super Funds. Whether it be starting a new fund or investing through an existing fund we will assist you to design strategy. We do this through a streamlined & proven process that emphasises minimising costs and complication.

Call us today. Make your superannuation an asset that works for you.